Criminal Justice

The ACLU of Connecticut works in many ways to improve the criminal justice system. We were at the forefront of the successful effort to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut and we continue to push for changes to the legal system to end punitive drug policies, eliminate racial injustices and reduce our high level of incarceration. We also work in the state’s prisons for humane and just treatment of inmates.

“We welcome this bill’s passage, commend legislators from throughout the political spectrum for taking a stand to protect vulnerable people from solitary confinement, and will continue to work toward stopping solitary confinement once and for all in our state.”

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With this bill’s changes, Connecticut would become the third state in New England, and the fourteenth state in the country, to require criminal convictions in all or most property forfeiture cases under state law.

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The Connecticut legislature has passed Governor’s H.B. 7044, a bail reform bill. The following is a reaction from David McGuire, executive director of the ACLU of Connecticut.

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Solitary confinement costs too much, does nothing to rehabilitate prisoners, and can exacerbate or even cause mental illness. The ACLU of Connecticut is fighting for legislation that would cap the duration of solitary confinement and prohibit it altogether for vulnerable people.

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Civil asset forfeiture allows the government to take and sell someone’s property without ever charging them with a crime. In 2017, we’re advocating for legislation to abolish civil asset forfeiture.

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