Criminal Justice

The ACLU of Connecticut works in many ways to improve the criminal justice system. We were at the forefront of the successful effort to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut and we continue to push for changes to the legal system to end punitive drug policies, eliminate racial injustices and reduce our high level of incarceration. We also work in the state’s prisons for humane and just treatment of inmates.

The following statements were issue after Connecticut’s Governor urged the state to consider becoming the first in the nation to raise the age of juvenile jurisdiction through 20-years-old.

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Connecticut could become the first state in the nation to raise the age of jurisdiction for the juvenile justice system through 20-years-old.

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New state numbers show the prison population in Connecticut continues to plummet.

There are 3.1 percent fewer people in state prisons and jails than last year.

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The city of Hartford could introduce a diversion program to steer low level drug offenders and people involved in sex work into supportive services instead of jail, according to leading mayoral candidates.

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The court declared that following the prospective repeal of the death penalty, execution of prisoners “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any penological purpose.”

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