Criminal Justice

The ACLU of Connecticut works in many ways to improve the criminal justice system. We were at the forefront of the successful effort to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut and we continue to push for changes to the legal system to end punitive drug policies, eliminate racial injustices and reduce our high level of incarceration. We also work in the state’s prisons for humane and just treatment of inmates.

Lawmakers, the ACLU-CT, and advocates are urging legislators to reform the use of solitary confinement in Connecticut prisons and to visit a replica solitary confinement cell while it is on display in the State Capitol Building.

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“The human and financial costs of Connecticut’s bail system remain too high. Equal treatment under the law is a promise of our Constitution, and it should not depend on how much money someone has in his or her pocket. Reforming Connecticut’s bail system is still the right thing to do for justice and equality in our state.”

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Connecticut’s first-in-the-nation report about police Taser use shows troubling racial disparities and misuse. Learn more about police Tasers in Connecticut and the ACLU-CT’s work to ensure that police only use Tasers fairly, justly, and wisely.

“Instead of taking the opportunity to stand up for justice by fixing Connecticut’s bail system, the legislature listened to the siren’s song of political posturing, and real people will continue to suffer because of it. Justice unfortunately remains deferred for the Connecticut coworkers, neighbors, and parents who are in jail pre-trial because they are poor.”

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“The death penalty is a barbaric practice that has been a tool of racial injustice. We applaud the Connecticut supreme court for standing by its decision that the death penalty constitutes cruel and unusual punishment,” said Dan Barrett, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut.

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