Police Accountability

We rely on the police for our safety, and we’re grateful for their service and protection. But we also entrust police officers with extraordinary authority, including the power to use deadly force, and this must be balanced by accountability and transparency. The ACLU of Connecticut advocates for strong police accountability in the use of force and the protection of civil rights.

Too many police departments in Connecticut are relying on the unfair and ineffective practice of targeting neighborhoods where people of color live and drive when deciding where to enforce car equipment violations.

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“One of the reasons I filed this lawsuit was to show people who feel they don’t have a voice, or the means to get help, that it’s possible to get justice.”

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“This decision is a miscarriage of justice. It is a travesty that Jose Maldonado’s family had to wait three years for a perfunctory investigation to produce this inadequate response to their loved one’s death at the hands of police.”

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When an Enfield police officer was named in 11 excessive force lawsuits, the town tried to keep the lawsuit settlements secret. The ACLU of Connecticut took action and won.

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Fifteen-year-old Jayson Negron died because of an entire system that has failed to hold police accountable to communities. Connecticut’s legislature can change that system—but it urgently needs to act. Take action now.

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