Police Accountability

We rely on the police for our safety, and we’re grateful for their service and protection. But we also entrust police officers with extraordinary authority, including the power to use deadly force, and this must be balanced by accountability and transparency. The ACLU of Connecticut advocates for strong police accountability in the use of force and the protection of civil rights.

Violations of Connecticut law, including failure to make complaint policies public, common among police agencies January 26, 2017 CONTACT: Meghan Smith, 860-471-8468, 860-992-7645, msmith@acluct.org HARTFORD — Police agencies in Connecticut routinely make it difficult for members of the public to access basic and legally-required information about how to file complaints of police misconduct, according to […]

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Police agencies in Connecticut routinely make it difficult for members of the public to file complaints of police misconduct, according to a new report by the ACLU of Connecticut.

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“Communities are watching, and they deserve police forces that fairly, justly, and wisely protect and respect all people. Police officers deserve to work with and for competent colleagues. Connecticut lawmakers must adopt independent police oversight and accountability systems to ensure that dangerous officers are not allowed to assault with impunity.”

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In decisions announced in April and November 2016, the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission ruled that the Stratford and Bridgeport police departments must provide the ACLU-CT with records regarding whether the departments ever purchased or used drones, cellphone eavesdropping or tracking technology, or cellphone forensics devices.

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“The disturbing video footage released on Wednesday by the Hartford Police Department raises serious questions about police transparency, accountability, and use of force, and about prosecutors’ abilities to pursue justice in cases of police misconduct. This is not the first time that Connecticut prosecutors have sat on video footage of questionable police conduct. Until there is meaningful police transparency and truly independent oversight of police, we fear that it will not be the last.”

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