Racial Justice

From the landmark Sheff v. O’Neill case seeking equal educational opportunities and racial desegregation in our schools to the fight against racial profiling and discriminatory drug laws, the ACLU of Connecticut stands for the equal treatment of all people.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 26, 2016 CONTACT: Meghan Smith, 860.471.8468, 860.992.7645, msmith@acluct.org In a case filed in U.S. District Court, the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut argues that two Bridgeport police officers, Keith Ruffin and Carlos Vasquez, violated a man’s civil rights during a traffic stop in 2015. On behalf of Woodrow Vereen, the […]

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As a voice for freedom and equality, our legislative priorities include promoting and preserving civil liberties for all. Through state legislative advocacy, we aim to defend and extend key constitutional principles, including privacy, justice, and democracy. The bills below represent just some of the issues of interest to the ACLU of Connecticut in 2016. Criminal […]

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Connecticut could become the first state in the nation to raise the age of jurisdiction for the juvenile justice system through 20-years-old.

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The court declared that following the prospective repeal of the death penalty, execution of prisoners “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any penological purpose.”

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A sweeping set of criminal justice reforms, that will spare more than 1,100 non-violent drug offenders from prison and save millions in corrections costs, passed the legislature.