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  1. ACLU Appeals to Supreme Court on Green Party's behalf

    December 15, 2010Press releaseFree Speech
  2. Information Sought on Military Sexual Assaults

    December 15, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights
  3. Anti-Profiling Ordinance Weighed in Hartford

    November 18, 2010Press releaseRacial Justice
  4. Naval Officer Seeks Conscientious Objector Discharge

    November 3, 2010Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  5. FBI Racial Mapping Data Sought

    July 26, 2010Press releasePrivacy, Racial Justice, Open Government
  6. Quinnipiac Ordered to Continue Women's Volleyball

    July 21, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights
  7. Appeals Court Overturns Part Of 2005 Law

    July 13, 2010Press releaseFree Speech
  8. SWAN and ACLU File Lawsuit Seeking Military Sexual Trauma Records Withheld by Federal Government

    July 13, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights, Open Government
  9. Quinnipiac Volleyball Decision in Mid-July

    June 26, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights
  10. Mansfield Drops Sign Restrictions

    June 21, 2010Press releaseFree Speech