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  1. Civil Liberties Update: Spring/Summer 2016

    July 12, 2016PublicationPrivacy
  2. Who gets pulled over in Connecticut?

    May 12, 2016Publication
  3. Picard v. Torneo, Jacobi, Barone

    September 15, 2016CasePolicing, Free Speech
  4. Vereen v. Ruffin and Vasquez

    April 26, 2016CasePrivacy, Policing, Racial Justice
  5. S.B. 75: An Act Concerning Detained Youth

    June 1, 2016LegislationYouth and Student Rights, Criminal Justice
  6. H.B. 5237: An Act Concerning Fair Chance Employment

    June 1, 2016LegislationRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  7. H.B. 5547: An Act Concerning the Training Curriculum and Education of Police Officers

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing
  8. H.B. 5271: An Act Concerning Mental Health Training in State and Local Police Training Programs and the Availability of Providers of Mental Health Services on an On-Call Basis

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing, Disability Rights
  9. S.B. 430: An Act Concerning Employment Following An Arrest, Criminal Charge or Conviction and Equal Opportunity Commission Guidance

    June 1, 2016LegislationRacial Justice
  10. S.B. 18: An Act Concerning a Second Chance Society

    June 1, 2016LegislationYouth and Student Rights, Criminal Justice