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  1. Remembering George Hastings

    February 3, 2017News update
  2. Governor’s Bill 7044, Regarding Pretrial Justice Reform

    June 1, 2017LegislationRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  3. H.B. 7260: An Act Concerning the Use and Regulation of Drones

    June 1, 2017LegislationPrivacy
  4. H.B. 7154: An Act Concerning Students’ Right to Privacy in Their Personal Mobile Electronic Devices

    June 1, 2017LegislationPrivacy, Youth and Student Rights
  5. H.B. 7302: An Act Concerning Isolated Confinement and Correctional Staff Training and Wellness

    June 1, 2017LegislationCriminal Justice
  6. H.B. 7285: An Act Concerning Complaints that Allege Misconduct by Law Enforcement Personnel

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  7. H.B. 6662 and H.B. 6663: An Act Concerning the Revocation of Pensions of Police Officers Who Commit Any Crime Related to Employment and An Act Concerning Police Misconduct

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  8. H.B. 5174: An Act Concerning the Penalty for Assault of an Off-Duty Police Officer or Department of Correction Employee

    June 1, 2017Legislation
  9. H.B. 7093: An Act Concerning Notification to the Police Officer Standards and Training Council

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolice Accountability, Open Government
  10. S.B. 586, An Act Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Preventive Care Provided to Female Enrollees and Access to Prescription Contraceptive Methods, S.B. 494, An Act Concerning Health Insurance Cost-Sharing Requirements for Prescription Contraception

    June 1, 2017LegislationWomen's Rights