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  1. Foundation vs. Union: What's the Difference?

    August 1, 2017Page
  2. Connecticut Takes Nine More Steps Toward Criminal Justice Reform

    August 3, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  3. ACLU of Connecticut Reacts to State’s Attorney Report in Shooting by Waterbury Police

    August 4, 2017Press releaseRacial Justice, Police Accountability
  4. Statement from the ACLU of Connecticut on Justice, Equality, and Charlottesville

    August 16, 2017News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech, Police Accountability, Criminal Justice, Voting Rights
  5. Alicea v. Cromwell

    August 28, 2017CaseWomen's Rights
  6. Sarah Alicea

    August 29, 2017Biography
  7. I’m a Police Officer Serving My Community. My Pregnancy Made Me Unwelcome On the Force.

    August 29, 2017News updateWomen's Rights
  8. ACLU Files Pregnancy Discrimination Charge with EEOC On Behalf of Connecticut Police Officer

    August 28, 2017Press releaseWomen's Rights
  9. Donate

    August 2, 2017Page