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  1. H.B. 7202, An Act Concerning the Sustainability of Connecticut’s Transportation Infrastructure, H.B. 7280, An Act Concerning Support for Transportation Infrastructure and the Creation, and H.B. 7283, An Act Concerning a Study by the DOT

    March 6, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  2. H.B. 7146 An Act Concerning Intimidation on Account of Occupation as a Public Safety Employee

    March 7, 2019LegislationPolice Accountability
  3. S.B. 870, An Act Concerning the Use of Drones by Law Enforcement

    March 7, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  4. S.B. 977, An Act Concerning Explanation of Benefits

    March 7, 2019LegislationPrivacy, Women's Rights
  5. S.B. 863, An Act Concerning Employment Protection for Members of the Civil Air Patrol

    March 7, 2019Legislation
  6. H.B. 5525, An Act Concerning Accountability for the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program; H.B. 5526, An Act Concerning Good Time Credits and the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program; and H.B. 5527, An Act Excluding Persons Convicted

    March 5, 2019LegislationSmart Justice
  7. H.B. 5745, An Act Concerning the Creation of Enterprise Funds for Municipal Broadband Services

    March 5, 2019LegislationFree Speech
  8. S.B. 970, An Act Concerning the Confidentiality of Evidence Seized in a Criminal Investigation and Suggesting Alternative Language

    March 6, 2019LegislationPolice Accountability, Open Government
  9. H.B. 7237, An Act Concerning A Disparity Study

    March 7, 2019LegislationRacial Justice
  10. S.B. 53, An Act Concerning Electoral Privileges for Incarcerated Individuals

    March 7, 2019LegislationSmart Justice, Voting Rights