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  1. H.B. 5271 An Act Concerning Breastfeeding in the Workplace

    February 28, 2020LegislationWomen's Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice
  2. ACLU of Connecticut COVID-19 Response

    March 19, 2020PageSmart Justice, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice, Voting Rights, Privacy, Immigrants' Rights, Disability Rights
  3. Statement Regarding Police Presence at Protests in Bridgeport

    May 30, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Free Speech, Policing
  4. Statement Regarding Police Presence at Protests in Waterbury, Elsewhere

    May 31, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Policing, Free Speech
  5. Policymakers need to listen to activists on the solutions to police violence and racism

    June 17, 2020News updateRacial Justice, Policing
  6. Divestment from policing is close to reality for a lot of people in our state. It should be reality for everyone.

    June 24, 2020News updatePolicing, Racial Justice
  7. New Statewide Study Shines Light on Role Town and State Police Contracts Play in Impeding Police Accountability, Transparency

    June 26, 2020Press releasePolicing, Open Government, Racial Justice
  8. What is qualified immunity?

    July 22, 2020News updatePolicing, Racial Justice
  9. ACLU, Open Communities Alliance, SouthCoast Fair Housing, Civil Rights Orgs File Suit Against Department of Housing and Urban Development Rule Gutting Fair Housing Protections

    October 22, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Women's Rights
  10. Open Communities Alliance v Carson

    October 23, 2020CaseRacial Justice, Women's Rights