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  1. Civil Liberties Update: Fall 2017

    November 22, 2017PublicationPolicing, Women's Rights, Criminal Justice, LGBTQ Rights
  2. 2017 Year in Review

    December 11, 2017PublicationPolicing, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice, LGBTQ Rights, Women's Rights, Privacy, Free Speech
  3. Hello, 2018. We’re ready for you.

    January 3, 2018News updatePolicing, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice, Free Speech, Women's Rights
  4. Pregnant Woman Forced to Give Birth in York Correctional Institution Cell Raises Serious Concerns about Treatment of Pregnant Incarcerated People

    February 15, 2018Press releaseCriminal Justice, Women's Rights
  5. S.B. 13, An Act Concerning Fair Treatment of Incarcerated Women

    March 29, 2018LegislationWomen's Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice