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  1. Know Your Rights: Registering to Vote on Election Day

    June 21, 2017Know Your RightsVoting Rights
  2. Lawmakers Approve Bill That Enhances Voting Rights

    June 2, 2015Press releaseVoting Rights
  3. Connecticut Must End Prison Gerrymandering

    March 6, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice, Voting Rights
  4. Bill Would Clarify Voter ID Rules

    March 12, 2014Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. Voters in Hartford Still Need Federal Court’s Protection

    July 11, 2013Press releaseVoting Rights
  6. Early Voting Makes Sense for Connecticut

    January 28, 2013Press releaseVoting Rights
  7. Reminder: Connecticut Voters Don't Need Photo ID

    November 1, 2012Press releaseVoting Rights
  8. Statewide Advocates Unite To Protect Voting Rights

    November 2, 2006Press releaseVoting Rights
  9. CT DMV Concerned About Cost Of Real ID ACT

    January 11, 2006Press releaseVoting Rights
  10. A Victorious 2012 Session for Civil Liberties

    May 10, 2012News updatePrivacy, Policing, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice, Voting Rights