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  1. Picard v. Torneo, Jacobi, Barone

    September 15, 2016CasePolicing, Free Speech
  2. Libertarian Party v. Merrill

    December 30, 2015CaseFree Speech
  3. Know Your Rights: Recording the Police

    June 21, 2017Know Your RightsPolicing, Open Government, Free Speech
  4. H.B. 5387: An Act Concerning the Circulation of Nominating Petitions

    June 1, 2016LegislationFree Speech
  5. H.B. 5472: An Act Concerning Exploitation of Children in Panhandling

    June 1, 2017LegislationFree Speech
  6. ACLU Wins Injunction Against Connecticut Election Law

    January 27, 2016Press releaseFree Speech
  7. Connecticut Supreme Court Rules for Whistle-Blower and Protects Employee Speech

    October 5, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  8. Trumbull Officials Wrong to Remove Mother Teresa Painting

    March 6, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  9. Fairfield School Board Withdraws Proposal to Forbid 'Inappropriate' and 'Disrespectful' Public Comments

    January 16, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  10. Prior Restraint Order Threatened Press Freedom

    December 8, 2015Press releaseFree Speech