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  1. House Bill 6425, An Act Concerning Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients

    February 23, 2021LegislationFreedom of Religion, Disability Rights
  2. Statement from the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut Executive Director, Stephen Glassman, on Connecticut’s Continuing Commitment to Accept Refugees

    November 18, 2015Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  3. Enfield School Board Agrees Not to Hold Graduations in Church

    July 18, 2012Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  4. Connecticut Municipalities, Officials Urged to Investigate NYPD Surveillance

    March 1, 2012Press releaseFreedom of Religion, Privacy
  5. Lease Would Impose Unconstitutional Terms on Public School

    February 3, 2012Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  6. Enfield Graduation Case in Judge's Hands

    March 2, 2011Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  7. Naval Officer Wins Conscientious Objector Discharge

    February 16, 2011Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  8. Naval Officer Seeks Conscientious Objector Discharge

    November 3, 2010Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  9. Enfield Loses Graduation Fight

    June 14, 2010Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  10. Enfield Board Of Education Accepts Judge's Ruling On Graduation

    June 4, 2010Press releaseFreedom of Religion