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  1. H.B. 5271: An Act Concerning Mental Health Training in State and Local Police Training Programs and the Availability of Providers of Mental Health Services on an On-Call Basis

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing, Disability Rights
  2. Outpatient Commitment and the ACLU of Connecticut

    January 8, 2013Press releaseDisability Rights
  3. S.B. 218, An Act Prohibiting Involuntary Sterilization of Persons with Disabilities

    February 28, 2018LegislationDisability Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  4. S.B. 967, An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Regarding Emergency Medication

    April 2, 2019LegislationPrivacy, Disability Rights
  5. S.B. 1112, An Act Concerning Commitment of a Person Found Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect

    April 2, 2019LegislationCriminal Justice, Disability Rights
  6. Comment on Federal Court Decision in Parents’ Disability Rights Case

    December 24, 2019Press releaseDisability Rights
  7. Watley v Katz

    January 31, 2020CaseDisability Rights
  8. ACLU of Connecticut COVID-19 Response

    March 19, 2020PageSmart Justice, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice, Voting Rights, Privacy, Immigrants' Rights, Disability Rights
  9. Lawsuit Seeks to End Physical and Psychological Abuse of People with Mental Illness Incarcerated in Northern Correctional Institution

    February 4, 2021Press releaseCriminal Justice, Disability Rights
  10. Disability Rights Connecticut v Department of Correction

    February 4, 2021CaseCriminal Justice, Disability Rights