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  1. Bargained Away: How Local and State Governments in Connecticut Have Bargained Away Police Accountability

    June 26, 2020Publication
  2. Civil Liberties Update: Fall/Winter 2020

    December 14, 2020PublicationPolicing, Voting Rights, Smart Justice, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom, LGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice
  3. 2020 Annual Report

    February 17, 2021PublicationVoting Rights, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice, Smart Justice, Disability Rights, Policing, LGBTQ Rights, Women's Rights
  4. Battle for Benefits: VA Discrimination Against Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma

    November 6, 2013PublicationWomen's Rights
  5. Privacy Rights in Connecticut

    June 18, 2013PublicationPrivacy
  6. Protect, Serve, and listen: Accepting Civilian Complaints at Connecticut Police Departments

    December 4, 2012PublicationPolicing, Open Government
  7. Hard Lessons: School Resource Officer Programs and School-Based Arrests in Three Connecticut Towns

    November 17, 2008PublicationYouth and Student Rights, Racial Justice
  8. Dignity Denied: The Effect of "Zero Tolerance" Policies on Students' Human Rights

    November 1, 2008PublicationYouth and Student Rights, Racial Justice
  9. Civil Liberties Update: Spring/Summer 2016

    July 12, 2016PublicationPrivacy
  10. Civil Liberties Update: Fall/Winter 2015

    November 1, 2015Publication