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  1. Libertarian Party v. Merrill

    December 30, 2015CaseFree Speech
  2. Vereen v. Ruffin and Vasquez

    April 26, 2016CasePrivacy, Policing, Racial Justice
  3. Cash v. Town of East Haven et al

    January 16, 2015CasePrivacy, Policing
  4. Biediger, et al. v. Quinnipiac University

    April 16, 2009CaseWomen's Rights
  5. Does v. Enfield

    July 19, 2012CaseFreedom of Religion
  6. Alicea v. Cromwell

    August 28, 2017CaseWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  7. Dowdell v New Britain & Dowdell v Connecticut State Police

    October 3, 2018CasePolicing
  8. Williams v Murphy (amicus brief)

    August 13, 2019CaseCriminal Justice
  9. Access to Court Documents in United Public Service Employees Cops Local 62 v. Town of Hamden and the Hamden Police Commission

    March 10, 2020CaseOpen Government
  10. Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association et al v Lamont and Cook

    April 3, 2020CaseCriminal Justice