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  1. H.B. 5547: An Act Concerning the Training Curriculum and Education of Police Officers

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing
  2. H.B. 5271: An Act Concerning Mental Health Training in State and Local Police Training Programs and the Availability of Providers of Mental Health Services on an On-Call Basis

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing, Disability Rights
  3. S.B. 467: An Act Concerning Municipal Implementation of Criminal Justice Reforms

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing, Open Government
  4. S.B. 148: An Act Concerning the Weaponization of Drones Based on a Program Review and Investigations Committee Study

    June 1, 2016LegislationPolicing
  5. H.B. 7285: An Act Concerning Complaints that Allege Misconduct by Law Enforcement Personnel

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolicing, Racial Justice
  6. H.B. 6662 and H.B. 6663: An Act Concerning the Revocation of Pensions of Police Officers Who Commit Any Crime Related to Employment and An Act Concerning Police Misconduct

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolicing, Racial Justice
  7. S.B. 242: An Act Studying the Use of Body-Worn Recording Equipment by Law Enforcement

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolicing, Open Government, Racial Justice
  8. H.B. 6714: An Act Concerning the Safe Use of Electronic Defense Weapons by Police Officers

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolicing, Racial Justice
  9. H.B. 7093: An Act Concerning Notification to the Police Officer Standards and Training Council

    June 1, 2017LegislationPolicing, Open Government
  10. H.B. 5223 An Act Concerning Pursuits by Police Officers

    February 27, 2018LegislationPolicing