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  1. David McGuire Appointed to Legislative and Policy Director for the ACLU of Connecticut

    April 13, 2015Press release
  2. Update Law to Protect Transgender People from Discrimination!

    March 19, 2015Press releaseLGBT Rights
  3. One Step Toward Closing the School-to-Prison Pipeline

    June 3, 2015Press releaseYouth and Student Rights
  4. Legislature Must Block Employers from Demanding Personal Passwords

    March 5, 2015Press releasePrivacy
  5. Connecticut Supreme Court: State May Not Kill Death Row Inmates Following Repeal of Death Penalty

    August 13, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice
  6. Connecticut Passes Transgender Rights Bill

    June 1, 2015Press releaseLGBT Rights
  7. Connecticut’s Flying Gun Triggers a Call for Sensible Drone Regulations

    July 22, 2015Press releasePrivacy
  8. No Mandatory Life Without Parole for Children

    March 4, 2015Press releaseYouth and Student Rights, Criminal Justice
  9. East Haven Announces Settlement With Woman Who Claimed Police Abuse

    April 22, 2015Press releaseRacial Justice, Police Accountability
  10. Municipal ID Cards Win in Hartford

    June 11, 2015Press releaseImmigration


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