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  1. Elimination of Women's Volleyball Team Intensifies Title IX Failures

    April 16, 2009Press releaseWomen's Rights
  2. Quinnipiac Ordered to Continue Women's Volleyball

    July 21, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights
  3. National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association And ACLU Ask Court To Block Health Care Denial Rule

    January 16, 2009Press releaseWomen's Rights
  4. ACLU of Connecticut Applauds Anti-Discrimination Legislation

    February 22, 2016Press releaseLGBT Rights, Women's Rights
  5. Information Sought on Military Sexual Assaults

    December 15, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights
  6. Report Finds VA Discriminates Against Military Sexual Assault Survivors

    November 7, 2013Press releaseWomen's Rights
  7. Court Rules Connecticut Social Club Can’t Ban Women

    February 29, 2008Press releaseWomen's Rights
  8. ACLU and ACLU of Connecticut Reach Settlement in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

    May 3, 2013Press releaseWomen's Rights
  9. Catherine G. Roraback Dies at 87

    October 21, 2007Press releaseWomen's Rights
  10. SWAN and ACLU File Lawsuit Seeking Military Sexual Trauma Records Withheld by Federal Government

    July 13, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights, Open Government


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