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  1. Decriminalizing cannabis requires decriminalization. And equity.

    February 26, 2021News updateRacial Justice, Criminal Justice, Privacy
  2. A Victorious 2012 Session for Civil Liberties

    May 10, 2012News updatePrivacy, Policing, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice, Voting Rights
  3. Abolition Day Rally

    August 6, 2009News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  4. Stopping Civil Asset Forfeiture

    March 9, 2017News updateCriminal Justice
  5. Pushing to Stop Solitary Confinement

    April 3, 2017News updateCriminal Justice
  6. Nine Ways Connecticut Could Become More Equal, Just, and Free in 2017

    June 8, 2017News updatePolicing, LGBTQ Rights, Free Speech, Privacy, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice
  7. Connecticut Takes Nine More Steps Toward Criminal Justice Reform

    August 3, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  8. Statement from the ACLU of Connecticut on Justice, Equality, and Charlottesville

    August 16, 2017News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech, Policing, Criminal Justice, Voting Rights
  9. Hello, 2018. We’re ready for you.

    January 3, 2018News updatePolicing, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice, Free Speech, Women's Rights
  10. 2018 Legislative Preview

    January 26, 2018News updatePolicing, Criminal Justice