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  1. S.B. 388, An Act Establishing a Pilot Program for Speed Detecting Cameras and Concerning Speed Warning Signs

    March 16, 2018LegislationRacial Justice, Privacy, Immigration
  2. H.B. 5417, An Act Concerning End-of-Life Care

    March 26, 2018LegislationPrivacy
  3. Privacy Concerns Regarding the Electronic Tolling Proposed in: H.B. 5046, H.B. 5391, H.B. 5393, S.B. 389

    March 15, 2018LegislationPrivacy, Immigration
  4. S.B. 422 An Act Concerning a Study of Automated Traffic Enforcement Safety Devices

    February 13, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  5. H.B. 6965 An Act Concerning the Retention of Information Collected When Using Infrared Number Plate Scanning Technology

    February 13, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  6. H.B. 5152 An Act Concerning a Study to Determine a Way to Detect When a Driver is Under the Influence of Marijuana

    February 14, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  7. H.B. 7202, An Act Concerning the Sustainability of Connecticut’s Transportation Infrastructure, H.B. 7280, An Act Concerning Support for Transportation Infrastructure and the Creation, and H.B. 7283, An Act Concerning a Study by the DOT

    March 6, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  8. S.B. 870, An Act Concerning the Use of Drones by Law Enforcement

    March 7, 2019LegislationPrivacy
  9. S.B. 977, An Act Concerning Explanation of Benefits

    March 7, 2019LegislationPrivacy, Women's Rights
  10. S.B. 1085, An Act Concerning the Legalization of the Retail Sale and Possession of Cannabis and Concerning Erasure of Criminal Records in the Case of Conviction Based on the Possession of a Small Amount of Cannabis and H.B. 7372

    March 22, 2019LegislationRacial Justice, Privacy


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