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  1. Force-Feeding Of Prisoner Decried By ACLU

    September 23, 2008Press releaseFree Speech, Criminal Justice
  2. Connecticut Passes Transgender Rights Bill

    June 1, 2015Press releaseLGBT Rights
  3. Student's Right To Wear 'Boobies' Bracelet Affirmed

    September 26, 2012Press releaseFree Speech
  4. Celebrating the Right to Read

    September 17, 2013Press releaseFree Speech
  5. Quinnipiac Ordered to Continue Women's Volleyball

    July 21, 2010Press releaseWomen's Rights
  6. ACLU of Connecticut Responds to Release of Police-Commissioned Shadow Traffic Stop Report

    May 5, 2017Press releasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  7. End Of Death Penalty In Connecticut Approaches

    April 5, 2012Press releaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  8. National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association And ACLU Ask Court To Block Health Care Denial Rule

    January 16, 2009Press releaseWomen's Rights
  9. Connecticut’s Flying Gun Triggers a Call for Sensible Drone Regulations

    July 22, 2015Press releasePrivacy
  10. Sign Regulation Limits Free Speech

    November 30, 2009Press releaseFree Speech


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