School Bus Traffic Cameras Opposed

An amendment being considered by the General Assembly would allow installation of mobile traffic-surveillance cameras on school buses. Owners of offending cars would be ticketed, and have to prove they weren’t the drivers — thus reversing the historic burden of proof.

The ACLU of Connecticut urges a vote against the amendment, and asks members to write their legislators.

Beyond turning the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” on its head, the proposed law would allow private contractors to get a cut of the money taken in by such tickets, an obvious incentive to “game” the system in order to make more money. Similar problems arise when law enforcement agencies that install the cameras are paid a percentage of fines collected.

Your click will take you to a pre-written letter that you may amend or rewrite. Take a minute now please to write your legislators saying you oppose this legislation, and asking them to oppose it.

Then please urge your friends to come to this website and join in voicing opposition to this measure.