• 12/10/14

    Stephen Glassman Appointed Executive Director of the ACLU of Connecticut

    Stephen Glassman, a former state cabinet official and non-profit executive with a long history of working for human rights, has joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut as its executive director. Glassman served as a board member of the Maryland ACLU affiliate for eight years and of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Pennsylvania affiliate […]

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  • 12/08/14

    Prior Restraint Order Threatened Press Freedom

    The ACLU of Connecticut came to the immediate defense of freedom of speech and of the press after a judge’s order blocked the Connecticut Law Tribune from publishing an article about a court case. On Nov. 24, 2014, Judge Stephen Frazzini issued an injunction in New Britain Superior Court to prevent the Law Tribune from publishing an article about […]

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  • 10/30/14

    Drone Surveillance Issue Heading Back to Legislature

    The question of whether and in what circumstances police will need a warrant to fly drones equipped with surveillance cameras is shaping up as a central one in the upcoming session of the Connecticut legislature. The issue was at the core of a panel discussion Oct. 8 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The […]

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  • 10/02/14

    Comic Books Celebrated at Banned Books Week 2014

    Alarmist theories linking comic books and juvenile delinquency gained currency in the 1950s and brought on decades of wary self-censorship by publishers, author David Hajdu said at an observance of Banned Books Week at Hartford Public Library. Congressional hearings and media hype, including a highly promoted series in The Hartford Courant entitled Depravity for Children: […]

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  • 09/11/14

    Connecticut Traffic Stop Data Suggests Racial Bias, Indicates Need for Further Study and Reform

    A new report indicates that the likelihood police will search a car in Connecticut correlates directly to the color of the driver’s skin, and that minority drivers are more likely to be stopped in the first place, particularly in some towns and cities. The Traffic Stop Data Report by the Institute for Municipal and Regional […]

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