The ACLU of Connecticut is the premier advocate for civil rights and individual liberty in the Constitution State. To defend the Constitution and keep America safe and free, we need the support of every Connecticut resident who cares about protecting civil liberties.

We do not receive government funding. Your membership contributions and other gifts support the ACLU here in Connecticut and nationally.

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Gifts of appreciated stocks or property are particularly advantageous from a tax point of view, especially if you own appreciated stocks on which you would have to pay long-term capital gains tax. Because each tax situation is different, please consult your tax adviser about making a gift of stock. If you have decided to give stock, the process is very simple: Ask your broker to electronically transfer the gifted securities directly to the ACLU Foundation of Connecticut's account:

People’s Securities, Inc.
850 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604
Phone:  800-392-3009 (Dial 1 to place an individual stock, bond or mutual fund trade)
DTC #0220, Code 40, for the benefit of the ACLU Foundation of Connecticut (Account #220-83740-13)

Stock contributions via our broker do not identify the donor. To be credited with the correct contribution amount, you must notify the ACLU Foundation of Connecticut. Please contact Laura Brownstein, Development Director, at 860-471-8470 or

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