The ACLU of Connecticut takes an active role in every session of the state legislature, supporting bills that advance civil liberties and opposing those that don’t. We have testified before the legislature hundreds of times and have taken leading roles in the struggles to repeal the death penalty, fight racial profiling, decriminalize marijuana, protect LGBT rights, and prevent encroachment on the right to free speech.

Read our latest legislative testimony for 2017.

The ACLU of Connecticut spoke out for justice, equality, and liberty during the 2017 legislative session–and so did our supporters. By the end of the regular session on June 7, nine bills to advance justice, equality, and liberty had passed out of the legislature.

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“We welcome this bill’s passage, commend legislators from throughout the political spectrum for taking a stand to protect vulnerable people from solitary confinement, and will continue to work toward stopping solitary confinement once and for all in our state.”

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With this bill’s changes, Connecticut would become the third state in New England, and the fourteenth state in the country, to require criminal convictions in all or most property forfeiture cases under state law.

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The Connecticut legislature has passed Governor’s H.B. 7044, a bail reform bill. The following is a reaction from David McGuire, executive director of the ACLU of Connecticut.

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Fifteen-year-old Jayson Negron died because of an entire system that has failed to hold police accountable to communities. Connecticut’s legislature can change that system—but it urgently needs to act. Take action now.

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