The ACLU of Connecticut takes an active role in every session of the state legislature, supporting bills that advance civil liberties and opposing those that don’t. We have testified before the legislature hundreds of times and have taken leading roles in the struggles to repeal the death penalty, fight racial profiling, decriminalize marijuana, protect LGBT rights, and prevent encroachment on the right to free speech.

Read our latest legislative testimony for 2017.

The ACLU of Connecticut joined lawmakers to call on the legislature to immediately pass police accountability legislation in light of the Bridgeport Police Department’s fatal shooting of 15-year-old Jayson Negron. The ACLU of Connecticut is also calling for the Bridgeport Police Department to release its department policies and Officer James Boulay’s training history to the public.

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“A person is dead after a Bridgeport Police officer shot him while he was driving a car, and another young person is injured. What little information is available raises serious questions about whether Bridgeport police should even have chased this car under state law. Police have killed another person in Connecticut, and another community is struggling to receive answers about what happened. How many people have to die or be seriously injured at the hands of law enforcement before Connecticut strengthens its laws to hold police accountable to the communities they are supposed to serve?”

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“Today, the legislature sent a loud and clear message that Connecticut does not need and will not accept police equipping drones with weapons. The defeat of this police drone weaponization proposal is a victory for public safety and civil rights.”

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Solitary confinement costs too much, does nothing to rehabilitate prisoners, and can exacerbate or even cause mental illness. The ACLU of Connecticut is fighting for legislation that would cap the duration of solitary confinement and prohibit it altogether for vulnerable people.

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“In its original form, H.B. 7260 protected people’s rights, but this amended version would undermine them. This was originally a good bill to protect communities from unwarranted police drone surveillance and prevent police from weaponizing drones. The ACLU of Connecticut supports protecting people from unwarranted drone surveillance, but opposes the amendment to allow police to equip drones with lethal and “less-lethal” weapons.”

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