The ACLU of Connecticut takes an active role in every session of the state legislature, supporting bills that advance civil liberties and opposing those that don’t. We have testified before the legislature hundreds of times and have taken leading roles in the struggles to repeal the death penalty, fight racial profiling, decriminalize marijuana, protect LGBT rights, and prevent encroachment on the right to free speech.

Read our latest legislative testimony for 2017.

As a voice for freedom, our legislative priorities include promoting and preserving civil liberties for all. Through state legislative advocacy, we aim to defend and extend key constitutional principles, including equality, justice, liberty, and democracy. You can read about the top five things on our 2017 legislative to-do list here, and keep up with our progress on Facebook […]

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Police agencies in Connecticut routinely make it difficult for members of the public to file complaints of police misconduct, according to a new report by the ACLU of Connecticut.

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On Wednesday, January 4, state legislators returned to Hartford to begin a new legislative session of the Connecticut General Assembly. Here are five areas that will need your voice to strengthen freedom, equality, and justice in 2017.

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In a ruling announced today, Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher ruled that Connecticut’s system for distributing school funding is unconstitutional, based in part on the legislature’s decisions to fund wealthier school districts at the expense of those in lower-income areas. The following is a statement from David McGuire, interim executive director of the American Civil […]

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Connecticut’s first-in-the-nation report about police Taser use shows troubling racial disparities and misuse. Learn more about police Tasers in Connecticut and the ACLU-CT’s work to ensure that police only use Tasers fairly, justly, and wisely.