Free Speech

The ACLU protects the five freedoms of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — freedom of speech, assembly, association, petition and the press — but we’re called on most often to defend speech. We often defend messages we vehemently disagree with. Most recently, we represented a student’s right to wear a T-shirt opposing same-sex marriage, although we worked hard to support marriage equality in Connecticut.

In a decision released today, the U.S. District Court of Connecticut ruled that the state must allow the Libertarian Party to use out-of-state residents to collect signatures on petitions to appear on an election ballot. Today’s injunction suspends a Connecticut election law that affects political parties that have not garnered enough votes to automatically list […]

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The state Supreme Court upholds free speech of employees and shields whistle-blowers from retaliation.

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The Governor signed a bill supported by the ACLU of Connecticut, which forbids employers from demanding personal passwords to social media sites.

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The ACLU of Connecticut cautioned Trumbull officials about constitutional concerns associated with their decision to order the removal of a painting of Mother Teresa standing alongside other social justice heroes.

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After a warning from the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut, the Fairfield Board of Education dropped parts of a proposed revision to its public comment policy that would have threatened free speech rights.

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