Never has the conflict between privacy and technology been more tense. Our telephone service providers tell the government what numbers we call, security cameras track our movements and police scan our license plates. And practically anybody can perpetually monitor our personal relationships, buying, searching, and reading on the Internet. The ACLU of Connecticut continues to work toward legislative action to protect our privacy.

In decisions announced in April and November 2016, the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission ruled that the Stratford and Bridgeport police departments must provide the ACLU-CT with records regarding whether the departments ever purchased or used drones, cellphone eavesdropping or tracking technology, or cellphone forensics devices.

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The ACLU-CT spoke out for privacy, criminal justice reform, and more during the 2016 legislative session. Here are seven civil liberties bills that passed the legislature and are on to Governor Malloy’s desk.

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“It is critical for our laws to uphold liberty, justice, privacy, and freedom from baseless searches, while also keeping up with advances in technology. The ACLU of Connecticut is glad to see that the legislature took up the call to do just that.”

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As a voice for freedom and equality, our legislative priorities include promoting and preserving civil liberties for all. Through state legislative advocacy, we aim to defend and extend key constitutional principles, including privacy, justice, and democracy. The bills below represent just some of the issues of interest to the ACLU of Connecticut in 2016. Criminal […]

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In 2016, the legislature is considering drone bills to balance public safety and privacy. Right now, drones are the wild west of technology: Connecticut has zero laws in place to regulate drones.

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