The ACLU of Connecticut takes an active role in every session of the state legislature to support bills that advance civil liberties and oppose those that do not. We have testified before the legislature hundreds of times and have taken leading roles in the struggles to repeal the death penalty, fight racial profiling, reform police practices, decriminalize marijuana, protect LGBT rights, and prevent encroachment on the right to free speech.


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LCO No. 3471, An Act Concerning Police Accountability

The ACLU-CT is committed to ending police violence and racism in policing in all forms. Accountability measures alone are not enough. Connecticut must also divest from policing and reinvest in programs that build strong and safe communities.

July 16, 2020 Policing

S.B. 85, An Act Deterring Age Discrimination in Employment Applications

Age discrimination faultily assumes that a person’s age is more important than their individual characteristics. When an employer classifies a job applicant who is able to perform the work as ineligible solely because they are older, that applicant is denied equal protection of the law.

February 28, 2020

S.B. Bill 105, S.B. 109, H.B. 5122, H.B. 5129

The ACLU of Connecticut submitted testimony: supporting Senate Bill 105, An Act Establishing a Right to Housing, with amendments;
opposing Senate Bill 109, An Act Concerning a Landlord’s Ability to Consider the Criminal Record of Prospective Tenants unless amended;

February 28, 2020 Criminal Justice