The ACLU of Connecticut takes an active role in every session of the state legislature to support bills that advance civil liberties and oppose those that do not. We have testified before the legislature hundreds of times and have taken leading roles in the struggles to repeal the death penalty, fight racial profiling, challenge police practices, advocate for decarceation and an end to discrimination against people living with a criminal record, protect and expand LGBT rights, and prevent encroachment on the right to free speech.

In 2021, the Connecticut General Assembly's legislative session is virtual, making it more important than ever for people to take action with us online. Join one of our action teams to get involved. Sign up for our action alerts, to make sure you get emails around when it's time to act on important legislation. Use our lookup tool to find your legislators' social media handles to tell them to support civil rights and liberties legislation. 


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Senate Bill 901, An Act Extending to June 30, 2021, Changes Implemented for the 2020 State Election as a Result of COVID-19 and House Bill 6464, An Act Extending to May 31, 2021, Several Changes Implemented for the 2020 State Election as a Result of COVID

No one should have to choose between protecting their health and exercising their fundamental right to vote, and Senate Bill 901 and House Bill 6464 help ensure that Connecticut voters will not have to.

March 4, 2021 Voting Rights Racial Justice