Under Connecticut law, as of July 1, 2018, if you are a transgender person who is incarcerated in a Connecticut Department of Correction facility, you have the right to:

  • be addressed by Department of Correction staff in a manner that is consistent with your gender identity
  • have access to commissary items, clothing, personal property, programming, and educational materials consistent with your gender identity
  • be searched by a Department of Correction staff member of your gender identity, unless you request otherwise or in emergency circumstances
  • be automatically placed in a facility with people of the gender consistent with your gender identity IF you have a birth certificate, driver's license, or passport reflecting your gender identity OR you can show that you meet the standards you would need to obtain one of these documents
  • have your safety concerns about your placement taken into consideration by the Commissioner of Correction 

If you think your rights have been violated, contact the ACLU of Connecticut


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