The ACLU-CT believes in a society where all people, including those who have been convicted of a crime, have equal opportunity to contribute to society and build successful and fulfilling lives. People involved in our criminal justice system who have paid their debt to society deserve to be able to live their lives in Connecticut’s communities with the resources they need to live life to the fullest and to be law-abiding residents. Furthermore, when someone who is formerly incarcerated has a fair chance at supporting themselves and their family, they are less likely to commit another crime. That makes us all safer and stronger. An important resource for anyone with a family, including a person living with a criminal record, is life insurance. 

Connecticut residents who have been convicted of a felony are faced with discrimination when attempting to purchase life insurance policies. The ability to purchase a life insurance policy gives people a sense of comfort that their family will be provided with resources should they pass away unexpectedly. Unfortunately, insurance companies in Connecticut can discriminate against someone solely because they have a felony conviction on their criminal record. 

We therefore strongly encourage the legislature to support House Bill 5517.





Bill number

H.B. 5517



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