As an organization committed to defending civil liberties under the U.S. and Connecticut Constitutions, the ACLU-CT strongly supports measures to ensure transparent public safety practices. House Bill 5922 would increase transparency regarding police uses of force in Connecticut. In addition to requiring use of force reporting to the state, the ACLU-CT encourages the Public Safety and Security Committee to expand House Bill 5922 by also requiring police departments to annually report to the state about police chases in which their officers engage. With the added requirement of police chase reporting, House Bill 5922 would create more transparency about police uses of force, including potentially lethal police chases; afford police departments an opportunity to build public trust; and provide members of the public with a greater ability to ensure police accountability. We strongly encourage the committee to support House Bill 5922 and expand the bill to include required reporting on police chases.





Bill number

H.B. 5922