The ACLU-CT believes in a society where all people have equal opportunity to contribute to society and build successful and fulfilling lives. This includes access to stable jobs that provides opportunity and security. Tens of thousands of workers in Connecticut begin their work week without knowing their schedule. They work with unpredictable, fluctuating work weeks that they cannot control. These workers cannot rely on their jobs to provide stability or a consistent paycheck. Their employers deny them full-time hours, meaning that they do not receive the benefits that come with full-time employment, like health insurance, retirement plans, and other services. When people cannot rely on their job for security, it is impossible to pay for bills and childcare, stay healthy, and thrive. These harms are magnified when workers are also formerly incarcerated, and Connecticut’s collateral consequences prevent them from accessing assistance like social services and housing. Workers in our state cannot wait any longer.



Bill number

HB 6859