The ACLU-CT strongly supports reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy for all people. We oppose this bill due to its potential to coerce, shame, or intimidate someone who has experienced a miscarriage or made the personal decision to end a pregnancy. As written, this bill’s definition of “spontaneous fetal demise” is broad enough to encompass both miscarriage and abortion. Its requirement for health care providers to issue a state-crafted notification to someone who has decided to have an abortion about fetal burial and cremation options is a thinly veiled attempt to stigmatize and shame women who seek abortion care, as it sends a message that the state views fetuses as people.
Similarly, this bill has the potential to shame and stigmatize people who experience a miscarriage. Miscarriage is deeply personal, and each person who experiences a miscarriage will have different beliefs and wishes for how to handle fetal remains.





Bill number

S.B. 298