People involved in our criminal justice system who have paid their debt to society deserve to be able to live their lives in Connecticut’s communities with the resources they need to live life to the fullest and to be law-abiding residents. Furthermore, when someone who is formerly incarcerated has a fair chance at earning a job, housing, and education, they are less likely to commit another crime. That makes us all safer and stronger. A critical resource for people with criminal records is safe, stable, and affordable housing. Both Senate Bill 54 and House Bill 5713 help to contribute to a critical, ongoing conversation about the need for Connecticut to address this housing crisis. Though the ACLU-CT supports the intention of these bills to reduce discrimination, we encourage the committee to strengthen them by eliminating the "look back" periods included in both bills, as introduced. We do not believe there should be an arbitrary time period during which someone can face discrimination due to their previous record of arrest or conviction.





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S.B. 54 and H.B. 5713


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