This bill would take steps to protect that privacy by allowing people who share a health insurance plan with others and who are authorized to consent to their own health care to keep the details of their health care private. The bill would require a health insurance carrier to suppress an explanation of benefits or send an explanation of benefits to an alternate address if a person insured by the carrier so requests. While health care confidentiality is important for everyone, it is particularly important for minors who can legally consent to medical procedures, young adults, and people in abusive or coercive relationships. Not every minor or young adult can safely share their personal health care information with their family. In addition, victims of domestic violence who share a health insurance plan with their partner also should have the right to privately and safely seek and receive health care; keeping their explanation of benefits private and out of the hands of abusive and coercive partners may enable them to stay safe. Last year, nearby Massachusetts enacted a similar law, signed by Republican Governor Charlie Baker, to protect patients’ privacy by allowing patients to choose how and if their explanation of benefits is shared with another insurance policyholder. Connecticut can and should be the next state to protect patients’ privacy rights.





Bill number

S.B. 977