Access to abortion and contraception is not just about its legality, but it is also about humanity, dignity, and freedom. As the U.S. Supreme Court has turned its back on nearly fifty years of precedent on the right to privacy, a lack of access to reproductive health services, including abortion, is already threatening people’s lives and futures across the country. People across the country have been forced to remain pregnant against their will, endangering their mental and physical health, their lives and futures, and their family’s lives and futures.Connecticut must act quickly to dismantle barriers to reproductive freedom and ensure that abortion is accessible, affordable, and available to all. Everyone deserves access to reproductive care in their community, on the timeline they choose, and by the provider they trust. The ACLU-CT believes in a future where everyone can make decisions about pregnancy and parenting that are the best for them, which includes access to safe, legal, and affordable abortion.



Bill number

SR 42