This month a slew of new laws took effect! These include:

Transgender Rights

Connecticut’s gender identity law enables people to change their birth certificate to their appropriate gender without invasive requirements.

Police Accountability Law

This law enforcement reform package will improve police and community relations in the state includes support for body cameras, prosecutorial reassignment in fatal encounters, the right to record police interactions, recruitment and retention of minority officers and bias free police instruction.

Social Media Protection

Connecticut legislature passed a law forbidding employers to request social media passwords from employees, which protects the individual’s privacy in a modern age.

Jurisdiction Law

The newest jurisdiction bill that was spurred by athlete Doug Glanville stops police from questing people outside of their jurisdiction for minor violations.

The ACLU of Connecticut and its supporters took action in support of these bills, which included testimony at the legislature, letters to elected officials, lobbying trips to the capitol and participation in public events.