The ACLU of Connecticut spoke out for justice, equality, and liberty during the 2017 legislative session--and so did our supporters. On June 7, 2017, the Connecticut General Assembly finished its regular legislative session. By that time, ten bills to advance justice, equality, and liberty had passed out of the legislature, including bills that would: reform civil asset forfeiture; continue funding availability for policy body cameras; protect LGBT youth from conversion therapy; take steps toward reforming solitary confinement; institute bail reform; require police departments to report to a central council whenever an officer is fired for misconduct or resigns or retires while under investigation for misconduct; prevent SLAPP lawsuits; increase cellphone privacy by requiring police to obtain court permission before using "stingrays" to track people's locations or access private communications; and create more equal opportunities for formerly incarcerated people by preventing state barber and hairdresser licensure boards from discriminating against people with criminal records. Governor Malloy has signed all of these into law. 

Legislative wrap-up for ACLU-CT 2017 Connecticut General Assembly legislative session. New laws include: civil asset forfeiture policy body camera LGBT conversion therapy solitary confinement bail reform SLAPP cellphone privacy barber hairdresser license