Tasers are powerful electric shock weapons, and they can be lethal. For years, the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut (ACLU-CT) has called for Connecticut to ensure that police only use Tasers fairly, justly, and wisely. In 2014, the ACLU-CT helped to pass the first law in the nation requiring police to provide information about how and when they use Tasers. As a result of that law, in 2016, Connecticut released the first statewide report in the country regarding police Taser use. That report shows troubling racial disparities in how police used Tasers, and that an inordinate number of police Taser incidents involved people who were experiencing mental health crises or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to ACLU-CT research, at least 18 people have died after being tased by police in Connecticut. Of those 18 people, at least 12 were Black or Latino.


Known Deaths After Police Taser Shocks in Connecticut
(Since 2005)
Year Name Age Police Department Race/Ethnicity
2016 Thomas Lane 37 West Haven & State Police Black
2015 David Werblow 41 Branford


2015 Matthew Russo 26 Hartford White
2014 Lashano Gilbert 31 New London Black
2014 Jose Maldonado 22 East Hartford Latino
2013 Noel Mendoza 43 Meriden Latino
2013 Seth Victor 40 New Britain White
2012 Angel Hiraldo 48 Meriden Latino
2011 Marcus G. Brown 26 Waterbury Black
2010 Efrain Carrion 35 Middletown Latino
2010 Anibal Rosario Rodriguez 61 New Britain Latino
2009 Stephen Palmer 47 Stamford Unknown
2008 Donovan T. Graham 35 Meriden Black
2007 David Mills 26 Hamden Black
2006 Jesus Negron 39 New Britain Latino
2006 Nicholas Brown 24 Milford Unknown
2005 Miguel Serrano 35 New Britain Latino