Your Early Voting Ballot Question Toolkit

Use one, some, or all of these seven steps to create your personal voting rights action plan.

1. Stay Informed

2. Raise Awareness in Your Communities

  • Halloween is just around the corner! Print and cut out our early voting bookmarks to hand out to trick-or-treaters' grownups.
  • Break down barriers to voting information by printing and sharing our early voting guide in English, Español, Português and Kreyòl. 

3. Amplify 

  • Share ACLU of Connecticut Rise PAC social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or create posts in your own voice.

4. Canvass With Us!

  • Join the ACLU of Connecticut Rise PAC for door-knocking to raise awareness and encourage voters to vote yes. Email us for more information.

5. Get Ready to Vote

  • Check your registration status, identify your polling place, or request your absentee ballot.
  • Make your plan for how, when, and where you will vote. (Election Day registration is available in Connecticut, but don't wait to make your plan.)
  • Get familiar with your town's ballot, including where to find the early voting question. The early voting ballot question may appear at the top, side, bottom, or back of your ballot. You can see samples of your town's ballot, including where to find the early voting ballot question, on the Secretary of the State's website.

6. Vote Yes on November 8th

  • Vote YES to allow for early in-person voting in Connecticut.

7. Stay in Touch

  • If the early voting ballot question passes, your state legislators will need to pass a law to outline the logistics of how early voting will work. Stay in touch with your elected officials to encourage them to adopt the most accessible early voting policies and practices. And no matter what happens at the ballot box this November, your elected officials will need to hear from you about the importance of access to the ballot box.



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