Today, State Senator Gayle Slossberg and State Representative Andy Fleischmann pledged to introduce a bill focusing on the issue of student data privacy. This announcement was made ahead of a Connecticut Education Association informational forum on student data privacy entitled The Student Data Minefield to be held at the Legislative Office Building, Hartford, CT on January 21st 12:00 – 2:00.

The announcement in Connecticut is one of 17 taking place simultaneously throughout of the country — from Hawaii to North Carolina, from Alaska to Alabama, and from New Hampshire to New York to New Mexico — with a diverse, bipartisan coalition of elected officials and citizens coming together to tell the nation they care about their digital privacy and are willing to join together to fight for it. The message from these collective actions by the states is clear: where Congress is unwilling or unable to act to protect Americans’ privacy, or takes actions that are insufficient, the states are more than willing to step up and fill the void. Together, these states have pledged to introduce a range of new legislation that includes protections for student privacy, location tracking and personal data.

“Today, I rise in solidarity with legislators in states across the country in standing up to affirm our states’ and nation’s commitment to protecting Americans’ privacy,” said State Senator Gayle Slossberg. “The upcoming student privacy bill will be a commonsense measure that would make important advancements in protecting the privacy of students in Connecticut.”

“Every student and parent should have the power to decide who they want to share personal, private information with. This legislation will ensure that privacy remains a core value in our state.” said State Representative Andy Fleischmann. “Privacy is about having control over our own information and our own lives."

The multi-state privacy effort is using the Twitter hashtag #TakeCTRL.


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