Youth and Student Rights

The constitutional rights of young people are frequently at risk. The ACLU of Connecticut has stepped in to protect free speech in schools, fight harsh disciplinary policies that feed the school-to-prison pipeline, oppose discriminatory curfews and lobby against mandatory juvenile sentencing laws.

She’s not an adult. She’s not a criminal. So why did the Department of Children and Families send a transgender girl to an adult prison? Email the Department of Children and Families to get her safely back into DCF custody.

Acting to protect privacy rights, the ACLU of Connecticut is supporting a bill to require parental consent before student test results are released to military recruiters and another to prevent employers from asking employees or job applicants for passwords to personal online accounts. Senate Bill 423 would prohibit schools that administer the Armed Services Vocational […]

In testimony before the Judiciary Committee on Monday, the ACLU of Connecticut called for oversight on how law enforcement officers use drones for surveillance, as well as how they patrol schools, accept complaints about misconduct and treat people taking photographs and videos of police activity. Staff Attorney David McGuire testified in support of House Bill […]

Connecticut must stop sentencing juveniles to life in prison without the possibility of parole in order to conform to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that banned the practice, ACLU of Connecticut Legal Director Sandra Staub wrote in testimony for the state Sentencing Commission The commission, which is again considering recommendations to change Connecticut’s sentencing laws, […]

The Torrington Board of Education has adopted a policy on bullying minus broader provisions that had threatened the free speech rights of student athletes.