We rely on police to uphold public safety, but we also entrust police with extraordinary authority, including the powers to use deadly force and to decide who gets stopped, searched, arrested, and funneled into the criminal justice system. This must be balanced by accountability and transparency. Through litigation, legislative advocacy, and education, the ACLU of Connecticut seeks changes to counterproductive policies that have disproportionately harmed communities of color in our state, and to educate people about their rights when interacting with police. We have fought against the increasing militarization of local police departments, sought an end to civil asset forfeiture, called for warrant requirements before police use drones to spy, warned against the weaponization of police drones, and condemned racial disparities in traffic stops. We sued after police unjustly stopped and searched a pregnant woman, a music minister, and a protester. We helped to pass landmark laws to require police transparency about Taser use and to require police to obtain warrants before using "stingrays" to spy on people's private cellphone communications. Ultimately, our efforts are intended to address the longstanding adversarial relationship between police and communities and to help create police departments that work fairly, justly, and wisely to democratically serve all community members.