House Bill 5414 is essential to defending the constitutional right to an abortion and to protecting our healthcare providers. The bill seeks to prevent Connecticut courts from cooperating with a lawsuit or prosecution regarding a lawful abortion in the state while also protecting those in Connecticut from extradition for charges in other states related to abortion. House Bill 5414 would also prohibit foreign courts from compelling HIPPA-covered health care providers to share protected health information related to a lawful abortion in Connecticut. These measures are essential to fighting against other states’ laws that target patients and providers in our state in an attempt to unjustly nullify federal law and of other states. The ACLU-CT strongly supports measures that protect the right to access an abortion, and we urged the legislature to do the same, in solidarity with our friends at Planned Parenthood Votes! CT, Pro-Choice Connecticut, and more. 

In May 2022, the legislature passed, and Governor Lamont signed, H.B. 5414 into law.



Bill number

H.B. 5414