The ACLU-CT unwaveringly supports the right to safe, affordable access to the full range of contraceptive options and abortion. Meaningful access to contraception and freedom from coerced contraception are integral to our vision of a world in which people are free to express their sexuality, form intimate relationships, lead healthy sexual lives, and decide whether and when to have children. HB 5197 would increase access to emergency contraception. SB 171 would allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control. HB 6820 is an essential measure to safeguard reproductive health care providers and guarantee the accessibility of abortion in Connecticut. HB 6818 addresses refusal policies, which allow providers to discriminate and refuse health care based on religious and personal beliefs. This bill provides necessary protections for providers that require medically accurate, comprehensive information and counseling to patients regarding their health status and treatment options, including providing information about available services and resources.



Bill number

HB 5197, HB 6818, HB 6820 and SB 171