Senate Bill 134, which provides for new consumer privacy protections is an important measure that the ACLU-CT supports.

The ACLU-CT also supports Senate Bill 137, which amends existing state law regarding data breaches to include additional categories of information, including taxpayer numbers, passport numbers, military ID numbers, medical information, and biometric information, when in conjunction with name; as well as usernames and email addresses in conjunction with a password or security question.

The ACLU-CT also supports House Bill 5174. This bill proposes to give the Attorney General power to oversee material changes to the ownership of
a medical marijuana business to prevent consolidation of ownership of dispensaries. We also encourage the Committee to strengthen this bill by expanding opportunities for people who were previously impacted by the war on marijuana to participate in the medical marijuana industry and to live a life free from collateral consequences of those impacts.



Bill number

S.B. 134