The Connecticut General Assembly’s 2018 legislative session begins on February 7. Because this is a “short session,” when legislators only meet until early May, the clock will be ticking to advance pro-civil liberties bills and stop threats to equality, justice, and freedom. The ACLU of Connecticut will be advocating to pass bills on issues like police uses of force, police militarization, civil asset forfeiture, privacy on toll roads, and more before May 9. 

In this quick video, ACLU of Connecticut legislative counsel Kaley Lentini and director of strategic initiatives Melvin Medina will talk about what's ahead for Connecticut's legislative session, including efforts to require government transparency about when police hurt or kill people, mandating town hearings when local police departments try to acquire weapons of war, closing a loophole in state law that could allow law enforcement to use federal asset forfeiture to take and keep people's property, criminal justice reform, and more. They’ll also walk you through some tips and tricks that you can use to stay informed and active as the legislative session heats up.