A Connecticut teenager's weaponized drone illustrates the need for regulations, which has prompted the ACLU of Connecticut to renew its call for reform.

David McGuire, Legislative and Policy Director of the ACLU of Connecticut, said, “We will push for drone regulations as soon as possible. While our principle concern remains government use of drones for surveillance there is an obvious need for comprehensive regulations. We’ve got to put a target on unregulated drones—now armed—buzzing around Connecticut’s skies.”

A YouTube video emerged this week of a gun attached to a drone. Local law enforcement told media that the device violated no state laws because the legislature failed to act.

The Connecticut legislature debated warrantless drone surveillance during the last legislative session but lawmakers failed to pass the sensible bill.

Among other things, the ACLU-supported bill would have included a warrant requirement for government surveillance and prohibited both the government and civilian weaponizing of drones.

But, despite having passed the Senate unanimously, the clock ran out on the bill and it died on the final day of the session.

McGuire said, “For the past two legislative sessions we’ve spoken out loudly about the need for state drone laws. We can’t be gun-shy about regulations.”

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