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October 31, 2022

HARTFORD – For the first time in 2022, a public opinion poll of predominantly voters of color in Connecticut has been released. The ACLU of Connecticut Rise PAC issued new public opinion polling today that shows strong support among voters of color for the early voting ballot question and includes voters’ own descriptions of why they would vote early if allowed.

The research, conducted by Breakthrough Campaigns from October 13 to 17, included 319 online and telephone interviews with likely November 2022 general election voters of color in Connecticut. This is the first research of its kind to survey predominantly Connecticut voters of color about their views on a November 2022 election question, with 40 percent of respondents identifying as Black/African American, 50 percent as Latino/a/x or Hispanic, 13 percent as Asian or Pacific Islander, 2 percent as Middle Eastern, 5 percent as Native American, 1 percent as other, and 12 percent as white. Thirty percent of respondents self-identified as liberal, and 20 percent as conservative.  

Respondents were asked about the early voting ballot question, which, if passed, would permit the legislature to pass a law allowing early voting in Connecticut, one of only four states in the country without early voting. 

Key findings include:

  • Connecticut voters of color overwhelmingly support the early voting ballot question, with 71 percent indicating they intend to vote “yes;” 
  • Fewer than 1 in 5 (18 percent) of Connecticut voters of color indicate they would oppose the ballot question;
  • The majority (52 percent) of Connecticut voters of color say they would vote early at least sometimes, if they had the option. Black voters (65 percent) are especially likely to say they would vote early at least sometimes.

In their own words, Connecticut voters of color described why they would vote early if given the option:

  • “I work full-time and don't always have the flexibility to be in my town on Election Day and may not qualify for mail in voting, so if I knew that Election Day was going to be very busy and tight on timing, I would choose to vote early to ensure that I voted.”
  • “Getting older doesn't always allow the ability to move and get around as easily as when you are younger. Illness would be a determining factor. The ability to obtain transportation would be another.”
  • “My work schedule would determine the day I vote. If I have an option to get out to vote earlier and skip the lines, then that would benefit me.”

“Early voting is a racial justice issue. This polling shows that voters of color in Connecticut recognize that voting on Election Day is not easy for everyone, and that early voting will make the ballot box more accessible for all eligible voters. As we head toward November 8, we encourage all Connecticut voters to act for racial justice by saying “yes” to the early voting ballot question,” said Claudine Constant, ACLU of Connecticut Rise PAC secretary. 

For a copy of the poll conducted by Breakthrough Campaigns 

The ACLU of Connecticut Rise PAC is a 527 organization that defends and expands civil rights and liberties by building the necessary relationships, public awareness, public narratives, and pressure felt by politicians in order to build the political power of people directly impacted by civil rights and liberties issues.

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